We've made personalized learning simple.

Introducing mSchool Today

a platform that guides students through math

from 3rd Grade through Algebra

"We're seeing students learning

 6 months of academic material 

every 6 weeks. We love it." 

Dr. Kevin Brown, mSchool Site Leader

Designed by experts. Customized daily for your kids.



Based on their detailed pretest, each student is guided into a personalized learning path that combines critical academic and metacognitive skills. Thousands of potential lessons turn into just the right ones.


mSchool Today's advanced analytics continuously monitor over a million data points in the background, watching for breakdowns that call for additional support. We catch problems before they become problems.


Regardless of how far students have progressed, which programs they're using, or how often they work in the program, everything is rolled into one easy-to-read dashboard. Now it's clear who's on track and who needs your help.

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You'll see improved student scores, guaranteed.

There are lots of things we could tell you about our program, but we know you need to see it for yourself. That's why we offer a no-risk free trial to qualified schools. And we guarantee you'll see your students improve their math scores in the first 3 months of using mSchool, or we'll donate the full cost back to your school.